The big news: Sensex hits an all-time high, and nine other top stories

The big news: Sensex hits an all-time high, and nine other top stories

Other titles: Three suspected LeT militiamen were shot dead in Pulwama and Thane farmers took to the streets to protest a proposed Naveli airport.

The great news: Sensex reached a historic high and nine other main stories

Sensex rises to 31,450, skillful life approach a note of 9700: profit was attributed to positive trends in other Asian markets and reforms announced by the Indian Stock Exchange Board.
Three alleged LeT militiamen were killed in a meeting in Pulwama district: the six-hour shootout erupted after authorities received insults under which the trio was locked up in a Kakapora house.
Farmers’ protest against the proposed new airport in the suburbs of Mumbai becomes violent: the agitators have blocked the road in Badlapur, burning tires and lighting a police van.

JD (T) Nitish Kumar and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu both to bring the presidential election BJP Ram Nath Kovind: Others such as Mulayam Singh Yadav of Samajwadi Party and the Shiv Sena will also make a copy of the former Supreme Court prosecutor.
The condemned Rajiv Gandhi case for euthanasia said he has no purpose in life: in a letter presented to the prison authorities, Robert Payas said he was in jail for 26 years and has felt that he would never be a free man.
Additional flights will be launched to bring the Indians to Qatar, said the Minister of Aviation: Jet Airways and Air India Express operate flights from Doha to Mumbai and Kerala.

Table censorship is not happy with the word “sex” in the trailer Harry found Jab Sejal: trailer, however, is broadcast on news channels.
The action orders Delhi High Court against municipal officials in relation to mosquito breeding, lack of hygiene: the court heard two ways about measures taken to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases in the capital.
Benchmarks manipulated OnePlus 5 applications to get the highest scores, according to the report: However, the company declined, the cost of XDA Developers.
GJM offers a 12-hour window for Darjeeling schools to evacuate students Friday Assistant Secretary-General of the party, Binay Tamang said he bans school buses, no other vehicle would be allowed out of the hills.

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