Behind the MGR seduction, an image as carefully scripted as his films

Behind the MGR seduction, an image as carefully scripted as his films

MGR was considered a god on earth. Once, a farmer from Pondicherry insisted that MGR seems to be from his country, saying: “Your feet should touch my land”, as it would bring you prosperity. Such was the faith among the non-educe himself.

Although the combination Kalaignar-Sivaji Ganesan has elevated the dialogues of the film and its delivery to a new level, the fans have never confused Sivaji Ganesan with the message of its dialogues. MGR fans, however, did. Marmayogi was perhaps the first MGR films that the dialogues were spouses with the same hero out of the film. Rajakumari, Marudhanaatu Ilavarasi, and Mandhirikumari established MGR as a raging hero who bravely fought for justice. Marmayogi describes the principles of MGR combat skills, but the dialogues of A. S. Samy was ancients innuendos and multiple meanings competing for the same attention with the struggles of the hero in the film. The line, ‘Naan Kuri vital Navara matter! Thavarumey annual Kuri Miikka matter (I will not fail if I live! I will not try to lose)! And the hero’s statement: “Whenever oppression and authoritarianism hurt people, who will appear there in an instant,” like Krishna in the Gita, resonated with the audience. In Mandhirikumari, MGR had begun dialogues enthusiastic Kalaignar as commander Veeramohan: “They are few … Many of us! They are conspirators … We are in bold! Oh, the Tamil lion!” Rise growled!

MGR had previously discovered that there was no difference between the heroes of the screen and the real one, at least in his case. He described what it was – or said. In 1974, MGR told the New York Times, “What I say in my movies, what I do, I try to live my personal life.”

Cinema was more than a means of life, but it was his life and a vehicle for his latent aspirations. The budding hero chose his functions and lines of care, never try to play a negative role. Sivaji Ganesan, on the other hand, has seen films exclusively as a profession and played no part, sometimes to the detriment of his public image. For example, Thirumbipaar, her fifth film, was chosen as female-female.

“MGR is the greatest among those who understood it.He had decided before succeeding in a great political being.Therefore, played a role that allows him to respect people.I thought there was no relationship between action and politics But the people have shown that there was a connection.This is why MGR succeeded in politics.For me, politics was secondary.I acted like a buzz, an MARMONNIER, a killer and scored several times. I have participated in 300 films.

For every man, there is not enough of what he thinks of himself. People must believe in what it is. If I was not really what to project on the screen, then people would have abandoned me a long time ago. . . I saw it as simple as possible, despite what I can afford.

Thus, at Panam Padaithavan, terrified to be shown at the cabaret, MGR asked director Ramanna “What do people feel about me? Is it necessary?” Fortunately for MGR, the sequence did not survive censorship.

The poet Vaali suggested MGR plays the role of Devdas, who takes the drink and the prostitute because of his unhappy love. In rejecting the suggestion, MGR reasoned:

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