The big news: Civilian killed in clashes with security forces in Pulwama, and nine other top stories

The big news: Civilian killed in clashes with security forces in Pulwama, and nine other top stories

Other titles: The opposition has denied reports that Meira Kumar is the vanguard, and farmers protested against a proposed airport near Thane.

The big news: civilians killed in clashes with security forces in Pulwama and nine other big stories

Three suspected LeT militants were killed in a meeting in Pulwama district: a civilian was killed in clashes between local residents and security forces.
Left deny the rumor that Meira Kumar might be the first choice among the opposition: opposition parties come together to develop a strategy today after the JD (U) said they would support picking NDA Ram Nath Kovind.
In protest of the farmers Thane against the proposed new airport in the suburbs of Mumbai becomes violent: the agitators have blocked the road in Badlapur, burning tires and set fire to a police van.
The army denies assault rifles manufactured in India for the second consecutive year, officials said that poor quality guns had a number of defects and stops, in addition to one shot had no effect.
The Islamic State launched a historic mosque in Mosul, where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said he was “caliph” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi believes the act “equivalent to an official recognition of defeat.”
The condemned Rajiv Gandhi case for euthanasia, said he has no purpose in life: in a letter presented to the prison authorities, Robert Payas said he was in jail for 26 years and has felt that he would never be a free man .
Russian hackers have attacked electoral systems in 21 states, according to the US Department of Homeland Security: in 2016, Arizona and Illinois have confirmed their voter registration systems had seen cyber attacks.
The woman seeking to end a 23-week pregnancy SC asked the West Bengal government to respond to the motive, based on the petition challenging the validity of the final medical pregnancy law, indicating that an abortion may be used After 20 weeks.
Sensex rises to 31,450, skilful life approaches a note of 9700: profit was attributed to positive trends in other Asian markets and reforms announced by the Indian Stock Exchange Board.
Police filed sedition charges against 15 Muslims accused of shouting pro-Pakistan slogans the movement produced after the men’s families had approached the president and the human rights and minority commission.

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