Why should I change anyone’s style or why should anyone change his style, says India coach Ravi Shastri

Why should I change anyone’s style or why should anyone change his style, says India coach Ravi Shastri

Why should I change anyone’s style or why should anyone change his style, says India coach Ravi Shastri

Ravi Shastri was named head coach of the Indian cricket team on Tuesday after a great deal of confusion.

A day before, Cricket Advisory Committee member Sourav Ganguly said the decision on the coach would be announced in a few days while the panel still had to consult Captain Virat Kohli who was in the United States after a rigorous ICC championship trophy and West Indies Tower.

But Tuesday, the Committee of Advisers (CoA) pushed the BCCI to announce the new coach as soon as possible.

That’s when the wheels were set in motion and Shastri was officially announced as coach late at night.

He will not be alone in helping the team with Zaheer Khan named the bowling advisor and Rahul Dravid, the hype consultant for the remote test laps.

Shastri had not taken his name in the fray the first time that the BCCI had invited applications, but only after the deadlines were extended.

He says the only reason he sent his resume is because he understood the gravity of the situation late and wished to help the team he worked with up to World T20.

I had not really thought about the gravity of the situation. There was nothing personal about it.

I really did not begin to understand the gravity of that. But when I sat down and thought seriously, I started to say, “This is a unit of which I was a part and I had an excellent working relationship.

I was part of the unit that helped him become number one. I thought it was up to me now to make it work again, in the interests of all those involved, “he told the Times of India.

Many were said and remained defeated during the resignation of Anil Kumble as coach of India. There were questions about the power that a captain had in the configuration and Shastri argued that the coach must remain in the background.

“Absolutely, it’s always the captain’s team, and it’s the leader who calls the shots, that’s how it always worked, and the role of a coach is to stay in the background, Plan and leave the burden of the players, “said Shastri, who was earlier with India as a team manager.

According to the report, the difference between Kumble and Kohli remained on the disciplinary approach of the coach who did not evolve well with the skipper and the team. However, Shastri said his approach to things is different as long as there has been effort and it produces good results.

“Do not get me wrong (authoritarian approach). There are many things and I can let you know if necessary.

But it is useless to show authority when it is not necessary and there is a feeling of bonding that works better. Why should I change the style of someone, or for that matter, why should someone change his style of things?

As long as there is a level of commitment, difficult terrain is put in place and the results show, why should not there be fun? “, He said.

Despite the appointment of Zaheer and Dravid as consultants, Shastri said he had to make the call on the full-time options that would be available to him.

“I will have to sit down with the authorities to find some things to come here, especially with regard to support staff.

There are many tours and if I am responsible for working with this facility 200 days a year, then I should be working on my reserves, right? ”
“Let’s see.

I will speak first with Virat and Sanjay (Bangar) [trainer of hype] and we can call. All I am going to say at this point is that I am entitled to call the support staff, since I will be working closely with them over the next two years.

The BCCI can certainly bring guys like Zaheer and Dravid as consultants from time to time. Their experience is invaluable.

But as far as full-time support is concerned, I should decide because I will be working with them for the next two years, “he added.

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