What is India’s military strength?

What is India’s military strength?

What is India’s military strength?

The military value of India increases every year and threats to the eastern and western fronts of Pakistan, China, activism and Maoists and terrorism plagued the country for decades.

At that time, India is preparing the most adverse situations and be one of its major military updates and revisions.

India is rapidly developing new military technologies, procuring what is required, manufacturing weapons, airplanes, warships, etc., to make the Indian army a powerful force to handle these threats.

India’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program has also been a source of concern to India’s opponents.

Add to this the accelerated pace of procurement and commissioning of defense equipment shows that India does not trust the threats and wants to improve and strengthen the army as much as possible.

India seems to modernize its military and nuclear capabilities through control of China. The declared policy of India’s nuclear deterrence and without harming first.

However, the modernization program, especially the ballistic missile program, shows that India intends to bring the whole of China into its range of strikes.

According to Globalfirepower, the Indian Army has a combined workforce of 4,207,250 active and backup service.

Since resources such as aircraft, personnel, helicopters, etc. Are divided into three services: the army, the air force and the navy, we examine the air force, land force and naval power. We also examined the nuclear capabilities of India.

Airpower is fundamental in times of war, conflict, reconnaissance, surveillance, rescue, special operations, etc.

Indian soldiers attacked airplanes, fighter jets, bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, carriers, attack helicopters, air superiority fighters, etc. Some aircraft can serve multiple roe as ordered Rafale are multipurpose combat aircraft.

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